by Kastchei

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Second Kastchei demo, recorded August-September 2014.


released September 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Kastchei UK

Solo black metal based in the West Midlands. Don't be a dick. Support DIY music.

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Track Name: Days Of Iron
The holy mare
Cast out from heaven

The empty palace
The blackened streets
A dark age

From southern sea
And northern planes
Come raging hooves

Brutal strangers
New hierarchies

The old gods
Toiling in hell

High priestesses
As demons

The sacred kings
Condemned twins

Through cryptic myths
We half recall
A forgotten past

Days of iron
Born from collapse
Civilisation redirected
Track Name: Hydronymy
I looked off across the plains
As clouds of dust obscured the sky

Voices rang out with threats of war
In the tongue that would be my children's

We turned towards our homes
As wolf men came riding beasts

Sky father brought thunder down
As the spirits of the seeds fell into earth

As our voices faded into time
The flowing waters bore our names

As our gods became demons
The flowing waters carried their seed

As our ancestors left our dreams
The flowing waters fed their graves

As we became strangers to ourselves
The flowing waters remained themselves

There is a map of another world
Beneath your feet and in your mouth

We can reconstruct a sacred landscape
Profaned by the march of time

You can make claims to your inheritance
But the names you use betray your cause

Remember you are one of many
And our society's foundations are still new